About Us

BrightLight Solutions is family-owned. We take pride in integrating modern solar technology to provide the only solution for illuminated mailbox address signs.

BrightLight Solutions, LLC, started as a family-owned business and represents a life-saving need in our society.  Even with modern technology and GPS navigation systems, it can still be very tricky to find an exact address at night. The patented solar-illuminated panels on the mailbox posts and/or our address panels on houses or garages can only assist emergency personnel in finding your home and loved ones faster, especially when every second may count!

BrightLight Solutions is owned by John Nowak and is located in the Taylor Business Center at 779 Commerce Drive, Suite 10, Venice, Florida 34292.  Besides providing illuminated addresses, the mailboxes and posts are attractive, durable, sturdy, and long-lasting. The mailbox units are powder-coated and come in hammered bronze, black, white, and pewter, the newest color selection!

Robert, pictured above, invented the solar-illuminated address panel. The idea originated from his own need for a solution. He had been diagnosed with stage four terminal cancer.  There were several times that the inventor was in dire need of medical attention, so his wife would call 911 for assistance. The ambulance could not easily locate his address and would go speeding by his home.  There were a few times that his wife left her suffering husband’s side to run outside to flag down help. Needless to say, this created added stress to the situation and delayed necessary urgent care. Unfortunately, he passed away before his product was completely manufactured.  

Mailbox units can now be purchased on-line at brightlight-mailbox.com.  Local installations can also be scheduled for a nominal fee. Our mission is to illuminate addresses all over the world, providing ease in locating homes, especially in emergency situations!  Thank you for supporting our mission!

Sincerely, John