I couldn't be more pleased with my Bright Light mailbox.  The design is everything desired in a mailbox - sleek and spacious - and it was fast and easy to assemble.  The solar powered light with the address is definitely a bonus.  First responders are constantly reminding the public to make sure their house number is visible from the street in order to not delay help in an emergency.  With the house number visible from all sides of the post at eye level on the street, my house is easy to find.  With the numbers lit up when it's dark, there are zero visibility concerns.  The solar panel works great, and even on the shortest days of winter it has kept the light lit through the night.  Everyone who has been to my house, and those who have seen the pictures on social media, rave about the design and their desire to have something similar.  I couldn't be happier with my purchase!

Laura T.  Missouri

Being a Realtor I want to give my clients a gift they will always remember!  I am so happy with the quality, product & customer service that Bright Light Solutions have provided me with. I ordered a bronze mailbox for one of my clients closing gifts.  The mailbox was installed a few days after closing & it was such a great surprise for my clients. They absolutely loved the mailbox!  These mailboxes are not only sharp looking, bright light solutions made a "Thank you"  plaque for me that was engraved inside!  I will continue to use this company in the future and I strongly recommend them! Thank you again!!!

~ Lauren Schultz, Cape Coral, FL

We bought a BrightLight's Mailbox back months ago and I would have to say that it wasn't just a purchase but an investment in our safety and value of our home. The entire product is built well and stands up to the worst destruction...kids with baseball bats. I have witnessed it for myself. I have encouraged many friends and family to check and invest in this great product.

~ Susan, Cape Coral, FL 

When I first saw these awesome mailboxes I was so impressed not only with the way they looked but the quality was second to none! If you could do yourself or a relative one favor (smart favor) it would be to purchase a BrightLight solution mailbox! Quality, beauty, and safety - how can you beat it!

~ Meri, Cape Coral, FL

It is just a darn good mailbox that looks great. We live in a rural area and feel a lot better knowing the police or ambulance could easily find us. Plus, I seem to have a lot less trouble with deliveries since I installed it.

~ Allen, Abilene, TX